Morning all

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Morning all

Postby administrator » Fri Aug 01, 2003 9:57 am

Am sitting with one eye open - Chloe kept me awake from 2am.. this morning - first time... not complaining though as I think it was for a reason. She had a dirty nappy - changed her - nappy rash is terrible.. wish I could make it disappear.. She cried and cried - gave her bottle, put gel on gums and even gave her panado.. she ended up sleeping at 4am.. and we overslept.. and DH is blaming me for all that - it is now my fault!!
Caitlin on the other hand complained of a sore throat.. so this weekend I am keeping them EXTRA warm..

Hope this day goes quick

Shel - how is Tristan doing...

BTW Tasha phoned - she was at a party and will catch us online tonight for those interested.
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