My friend just called me

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My friend just called me

Postby administrator » Fri Aug 01, 2003 12:11 pm

She and her husband and nearly 2 year old son are immigrating to Ireland today. She has just done a preggie test and it is positive! She has been under such pressure with the whole immigrationt thing, that she didn't even think about falling pregnant. She just did a test before they left for the airport and it is positive!!! She doesn't even have time to go to her Gynae to confirm it!
They really struggled for 3 years to have the first one (endimetiosis) and eventually had a GIFT.
Funny how I was just thinking this morning who would be next out of the 3 of us to have number 2 and was working out, if I was pregnant now, when the next baby would be born - end April/May, and now she is gonna have a baba in May! So weird!
Such a pity that she will be so far away, but at least this will mean that she will want to come back in 6 months and not indefinately as they had planned!
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